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Workplace Bullies Flex Their Muscles: article on workplace bullying

Bully Online
  Those who can, do. Those who can't, bully. Bully OnLine, web site of the UK National Workplace Bullying Advice Line.
  Campaign Against Workplace Bullying (CAWB) A Nonprofit Organization North America's Premier Resource for Employee & Employer Solutions. Bullying is the deliberate, repeated, hurtful mistreatment of a person (the Target) by a cruel perpetrator (the bully), driven by the bully's insatiable need to control others. A national disgrace. A "Silent Epidemic." Unconscionable, unacceptable behavior. A costly, counterproductive phenomenon that destroys lives and careers of individuals and drains organizations of productive, committed people.
  Resources for Employer-Employee Consultation: methods to use in fighting workplace bullies
  Forum for Bullied Workers: name your poison
Napping at Work
  Its offical - its ok to NAP to work! The offical napping at work site.
Psychworks, Inc
  Behavioral health for the 21st century
The Disgruntled Employee
  The Disgruntled Employee: online magazine for employees with gripes. If you have had hassles at your office - at least you know you are not alone.
Workplace bullying - the signs
  GPMU Campaigns: Bullying - spotting the signs

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