Senior States people

These pages are dedicated to information and links that will be of use to Senior Citizen's, those worried about getting old and families with elder statespeople to look after! Until you have an elderly parent whom you care about you won't understand fully what it means to your life and family. Perhaps you don't have elderly parents as they have passed on, in which case you may wish to give support to others who still carry the responsibility.


Age Concern


Age Concern's site contains a lot of very useful information of use to senior citizens and families of senior citizens. 

Alzheimer's Disease Society

Alzheimers Org


If you have a family member suffering from Alzheimer's then you will find the information in both these sites of value.

University of the Third Age
  The University of the Third Age is an educational self help organisation, drawing on the wealth of experience and knowledge shared by its members. Currently there are over 1000 members in the Guildford area with over 100 different groups.

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