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  A US search information on public information on people. Claims to be the #1 people locator world-wide
  Primarily at the British market because it concentrates on UK sites and provides users with a gateway to products and services within Britain.
Northernlight   US based but over 5,000,000 pages of search information.

All the web


All the web aims at making the internet more user friendly by making the search for information easier, faster, and more precise, and by speeding up the information downloading. Claims to have over 200m web addresses indexed.

AskAlex ASKALEX (Ask Alex) is a shared, interactive, hybrid business directory and search engine
  One of the longest established search engines
  Ask Jeeves - one of the easiest to use search engines. Searches other search engines.
  Holds details on over 90,000 companies involved in export
  A portal more than a search engine offering shopping - Yellow Pages - Long Distance Deals - Free Stuff - Trade with Datek - Shop - Go to Gigabuys! - GET IT NOW @ NECX - FREE downloads! - Get FREE Health - - eBay Auctions. A US site but lots to do!
  Excite UKs search engine
Engineering Search   UK Engineering Search Engine The UK Engineering Search Engine searches across the UK engineering web sites listed in the EEVL Catalogue of quality engineering resources. It searches around 100,000 pages. You can also browse or search the EEVL Catalogue (descriptions and links to over 4,700 quality engineering resources).
  Electronic Yellow Pages UK
Great British Pages The GBP site contains a fully functional UK search engine as well as comprehensive and detailed county guides. Whether you are surfing for sites in the UK or looking for a specific resource the Great British Pages should be your first stop.
  A comprehensive search engine. Google uses sophisticated next-generation technology to produce the right results fast with every query - their words! is an award-winning smart, sophisticated search engine with more than 40 tools to help users better articulate their searches and get relevant search results quickly
  Inter-Telecom Publishers invite you to search their world-wide listings of company fax numbers
  InfoSeek UK - park of the Global search engine
  A large information portal
  Surf smarter, not longer. Let the Internet Scout Project show you the way to the best resources on the Internet--then you can choose what's best for you. Librarians and educators do the filtering for you, reading hundreds of announcements each week looking for the online resources most valuable to the education community
Isleuth   The lets users search multiple engines, Web directories and news databases simultaneously and receive one simple summary of results
  Internet public library
  A very useful portal and 'cream of directories' offers users a full-service Web destination complete with fast and easy search and navigation resources, personalized services, chat, an industry leading online shopping area and free e-mail.
Nurd Search Another search engine !
  eSpecials - the best of the web

Offical Site Register

  The Official Site Register has been created to fill the gap between conventional search engines and Web navigation experience by trying to be more specific.
  A UK search engine dedicated to UK sites only
  ShopGuide claim to be your Impartial Consumer Guide to online shopping
  Over 500 on-line stores of goods and services available on the Internet, for delivery within the British Isles.
  The Biz is a pure Business Directory aimed at businesses in the UK and world-wide.
  Thomson Directories
Top Guide   Dedicated to UK sites - started Dec 1999 so still building its content.
  Comprehensive list of UK sites ONLY
  It does a lot of crawling but is US based
  Yahoo - a famous search engine and a massive resource of information and links


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