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192 com
  Not British telecom! Great for finding UK resident's phone numbers, that's if they're not ex-directory! You need to register to get 10 free searches. If you need to look up lots of people its worth buying their CD with includes details of 42m UK residents.
  ASKALEX is primarily a shared, interactive, searchable directory of over 1.8 million UK organisations. Used by many other systems.
  Babynames website contains most exhaustive list of names, most of them contributed by visitors. Pages with 'Names A ....Z'contain nearest meanings and explanations.Other pages will just have list of names without meanings. A useful site including twins options, sports personalities names, etc. Fun.
British Telecom 192
  BT 192 service online - used to be called Phonenet.
Database of Surnames
  What did your medieval ancestors do? Or where did they live? Surnames -- our last names -- are a story handed down for hundreds of years, and yet many people don't know what the story means. Most last names have a unique history that tells us about the medieval ancestors who gave us our surnames. Check our extensive list for your surname by clicking below
Family Genealogy Forum
  A general discussion forum on 1000's of family names. Well worth a look to see who is looking at your family name.
  The UK & Ireland Genealogical Information Service



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Kindred Connections
  This organization is dedicated to the advancement of genealogical research, not to the selling of genealogical databases.
Mormon Genealogy Search

To trace your ancestors, reserve your genealogy, collaborate with others, or add a web site to FamilySearch Internet. Well worth a search - you might be surprised to find out who your ancestors were!

Phone numbers net


Claims global coverage for finding people around the world

  CD-ROMs & Companion products to enhance your genealogy
research! Search our CDs online before you buy!
Public Records Office Kew
  The Public Records Office in Kew, London hold service records of Naval, Military & Royal Marine personnel up to 1913, records of the Cabinet and Foreign Office papers to the mid-1960's, records on the Merchant Navy, Railway staff, Emigrants & Immigrants, Australian convicts, executions at Newgate/Tyburn etc... They are building an online catalog which is in its early stages but can be accessed at from the home page or clicking here.

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