Music related sites

This can only be but a sub-set of the massive resources available on the net concerning music. Have a look - if we have missed a great site please let us know.



  Listing over 192,000 albums and 16,000 biographies, this comprehensive database is the best place to find information about your favorite artists and albums.

Audio Highway
  Vistors to this website can create their own personal Internet radio shows based upon the diverse programming content found on the site - but bear in mind int coming from the US

British Choirs on the Net


This is a list of all known British choral Web sites - in excess of 340 links but they are not all on yet!

CD Info Source
  Find out who sang a particular song, or find all the CDs made by a particular artist. Enter artists name or song title or partial name or title. CDDB is the world's largest online database of audio CD information - Now your computer can display album, artist and song names right on the screen as your CD plays. Goodbye tiresome typing, CDDB does it all automatically! All you need is a CDDB-enabled CD Player downloadable from the CCDB CD Players section. Each time you play a CD, your computer can access CDDB through the Internet for information about that specific disc. Recognized as the most accurate audio CD identification service on the Web, CDDB has data on all kinds of music, even CDs with multiple pressings. Best of all, accessing CDDB is free for your private use. Worth a look.
Digital Tradition Folk Song Search
  The Mudcat cafe. A magazine dedicated to folk and blues with details of over 8000 songs in the Database. So if you are into Folk and Blues heres the place to look.
  Take a trip into the largest guitar resource on the 'net. Whether you play rock, jazz, blues, folk, country, R&B, metal, hip-hop, or classical, has something for you!
Jazz WEB
  A jazz resource featuring artists, festivals, discographies, reviews and other jazz-related Internet sites.
Music Newswire
  The global music information network.
Music search
  MusicSearch is many things but, above all, it's simply the fastest and most precise way of finding music-related sites and groups on the world-wide Internet. For some it is a quick stopping point to find the latest Music News; for others it is an irreplaceable wealth of resources available world-wide on the topic of music; still others are able to find their favorite artists' sites on the Internet. There's just too many ways to use MusicSearch to list them here. Beware it can be slow to access but worth the wait.
Music TV
  The offical web site of Music TV 
  New Musical Express online - the electronic verison of the paper!
  The world's first portal site devoted to opera and classical music. The site features seven live streamed channels drawn from over 2,000 pieces of operatic and classical music and thousands of links to some of the world's premier opera music resources available on the Web today. Visitors can easily access's seven channels of streamed opera and classical music by downloading the player -- a proprietary, browser independent, multi-channel sound and video-streaming device built on the Real Networks G2 Surestream technology.
Orchestra Net
  A growing world-wide orchestra directory with links to independent web sites where available. 1000+ linked classical music web sites.
  Providing over 40,000 lyrics of all music styles such as Rock, Pop, Oldies, Folk and many more. Enter the name of an artist, album or song title.
  A guide to over 500 alternative music resources on the World Wide Web. Links to all known resources for each artist listed.
Tower Records
  The hippest and biggest music store franchise on earth takes the web by storm. Tower online has the great selection and competitive prices you'd expect from one of its stores. Tower has also brought Pulse Magazine onto the net with them so you can find out what's new with your favorite stars.


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