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Association of British Insurers


An excellent site of details about cars and insurance. Well worth a browse.

  Claims to be the world's leading internet based _self and used car buying service. Recommended by The Sunday Times in Sept 99.
  At, we aim to improve the process of buying and owning a vehicle. We also aim to remove the stress and pressure associated with this process by giving you, at home, an environment where you can research, identify, finance, insure and buy your next vehicle. We also aim to give you access to an innovative range of services delivered through the Internet, and we aim to ensure these services continually improve in line with the expectations of our customers.
Bike Trader
  Search the best choice of bikes throughout the UK. Use the Basic Search to specify minimum requirements or the Advanced Search to specify more features, including mileage, bodytype and colour. Plan your Finance options with the AA and get an Insurance quote from an insurer in our dealer directory. Get the best advice on buying or selling your bike from leading industry brands in Helping Hand. Check out Features for the latest Touring Car _selfs, plan your journey with RAC Traffic _selfs and find the best bike web sites in Links. Visit Bike Store for all your bike parts and accessories, from helmets to tyres, search our directories for suppliers and bid on-line in our auction store. Check out our Shopping Centre and buy on-line.
Car events
  List of national UK car events.
Car Prices
  Carprices is a source of used car pricing information, carrying over 150,000 prices. The data is fully researched, updated monthly and sourced from Glass's information service, the leading TRADE pricing guide. The site also provides links to Car Insurance and contains a database of over 30000 used cars.
Car Quote
  The one-stop car insurance site that puts you in touch with the best quote on the market. Our service is completely free with no obligation.
Car Tax Calculator
  How much tax do you pay on your company car? If you don't know the answer to this question, then why not find out by using our Company Car Tax Calculator Guide. Click below to quickly calculate your monthly tax payment. The price of the vehicle should ignore any discounts given by the dealer. You can also use this guide to help you calculate the right priced car to suit your monthly tax costs. Please use this guide as many times as you like by entering the required information in the boxes below.

Driving Online


Driving On Line is a growing Internet Resource about Successful Driving

Halfords You see them on every high Street - now on the web
  Located near the heart of Virginia Water, the Ian Allan Motors offer the very best in Motor Technology from SAAB. Link through to their pages on the SAAB site for more details and some wonderful pictures of _self and secondhand SAAB motors. The dealer principle is Chris Burkitt on 01344-842801. Ian Allan are a sponsor of the Virginia Water Community Association annual event Carnival Capers. Send Chris an email at

A list of motor manufacturer's web sites.

  Motor Accident Solicitor Society. The Motor Accident Solicitors Society is an association of solicitors' firms, all with substantial experience and expertise in the handling of motor accident claims. Member firms are located throughout the UK.
_self Reg
  Personalised Vehicle Registrations of the U.K. For your protection _self Reg are members of: CNDA (Cherished Numbers Dealers Association) MIRAD (Member of the Institute of Registration Agents and Dealers) RMIF (The Retail Motor Industry Federation) and registered with: The Office Of Fair Trading Consumer Credit Department The Chambers of Commerce and Industry F.S.B.
Owner links
  A list of car owner clubs on the net
Route planner
  Another route planner this time from Shell

So you thought it was OK to speed! Anyway those cameras on the M25 are not armed! When you have read this site and have learnt about some of the equipment the Police use, remember this, could this site be informing you on what to look out for or could it just be highlighting the equipment the police have and maybe, just maybe, helping you make up your mind that speeding is antisocial ? It includes the View of Speed Enforcement by a serving Traffic Patrol Officer in the Thames Valley Police Force. you have been warned! Click on the camera for a list of UK speed cameras!

The AA
  The 4th service. Their site has usful information relating to motoring including insurance, links to multimedia maps, insurance quotes, hotel and restaurant guide.
  Membership, travel information, hotel and restaurant guide. 
Top Gear
  Your starting point for buying a car on the web.
  Link to the online version of traffic master on the Vauxhall web site. Useful for planning a journey.
  Transport Research Laboratory,TRL.
What Car Expert impartial reports on over a 100 _self cars.
Woolwich Motorbase

Introducing Woolwich Motorbase. The _self way to own a _self car. How often have you thought about buying a _self car only to be put off for one reason or another? Have high rates of interest that come with some finance packages put you off? Perhaps buying into one manufacturer's scheme hasn't appealed, or the deposit they’ve asked for has been too high. Maybe it's just the sheer inconvenience of trudging from one showroom to another. For whatever reason, now just might be the time to think again.

Yahoo Autos
  Buying, selling, maintaining and talking about cars. Its all here.

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Motor Manufacturers

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