Law & Order links

  Everything you wanted to know about the Court Service
  This site is a world first on fraud. It brings together material on prevention, detection and information on fraud. The site shows the effort and commitment of the public and private sectors to a reduction in the volume and cost of fraud.
  Her Majesty's Stationary Office - Statutory Instruments - 'the Law' 15 days after it is published in print!
  The Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) was launched in September 1996 to address the problem of illegal material on the Internet, with particular reference to child pornography. A useful site.
  Neighbourhood Watch on the Internet
  The police forces of the UK
  This web site is designed to inform anyone interested in the criminal justice system of the United Kingdom about what's happening, with a particular emphasis on police orientated issues.
  The UK Speedtrap and speed equipmnent guide.
  An international site of speedtraps which lists UK speedtrap sites!
  The web site of surrey police - some good bits for kids but a lot of graphics so its takes time to load.
  An example community neighbourhood watch web site

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