Health related sites
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Alpha Cancer
A US site of great value. The Coalition of National Cancer Cooperative Groups is proud to offer a unique opportunity for individuals to access cancer-related health information on the internet. Our Focus Areas deal with a specific type of cancer and allow visitors to interact directly with leading specialists in the field. Join Our Community.
Finding medical & healthcare information on the Internet has never been this easy.
All the Virology on the WWW
Seeks to be the best single site for Virology
Better seating   More and more research is applied to office chairs as people realise how important the chair is in helping to maintain good posture and minimise the risk of spinal pain and repetitive stress injury.
The British Medical Journal aims to help doctors everywhere practise better medicine and to influence the debate on health.
Botanic Health
One of the oldest and most respected herbal companies in North America.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
All items available for download are for public use.
Condom scientific   Scientific research papers on condom technology.
Dental Implantation   Association of Dental Implantation provides full information on dental implants.
Dr Koop  

The Health website of the former US surgeon-general Dr. Evert Koop

Eating Disorders
An innovative resource in education and treatment for eating disorders: anorexia, bulimia & compulsive overeating; trauma, anxiety, depression and women's issues.
All about feet!
AASH is a professional society of health care providers dedicated to the study and treatment of headache.
Health Answers
Health Answers is a comprehensive web site targeted specifically toward US health consumers but has many answers that apply anywhere in the world. Health Answers provides answers to medical questions in all medical categories.
Health Finder
Health Finder is a gateway consumer health and human services information rom the U.S. gov.
Health Gate
Health Gate the world's largest biomedical database.
Health Infocus
HEALTHINFOCUS will give you all the facts you will need to know from how a condition develops and how you can expect to be treated through to where you can find further support
Health Network
A US site therefore not all facilities of use in the UK but useful. They are the premier source of live medical events with live streaming video and have broadcast events such as the first live Internet birth and the first live Internet triplet birth.
The search engine for health and medicine.
Intelihealth has a drug database search engine it also has gobs of health copy
Knee Guru   All about knees.
Med Explorer
A massive US based resource on health and welfare related issues such as bereavement, disease disorders, alternative medicine, community health etc.
Medical Dictionary
Medical Dictionary contains anything to do with medicine or science
Medicine Net
You will find that the information is written with the perspective that only a doctor can provide. Visit us often. You will begin to see lots of new and exciting changes coming to our site including shopping! A very useful medical dictionary.
Medline is the largest privately held national manufacturer and distributor of medical supplies.
Medscape  medical information site that is free... requires a registration.
Medsearch medical search site.
Mental Health Net
Mental Health Net review guide to mental health, psychology, and psychiatry online.
Mental Health Search
Mental Health Search a convenient way to search the Internet for resources.
Merck Manual
Merck Manual of diagnosis and therapy.
A useful resource on for Tools on Stress Management
National Schizophrenia Fellowship   The National Schizophrenia Fellowship is the largest severe mental illness charity in the UK and is dedicated to improving the lives of everyone affected by severe mental illness, whether they have a condition themselves, care for others who do, or are professionals or volunteers working in the mental health field.

National Backpain Association
The National Back Pain Association (NBA) was formed some time ago to help research and provide infortion on bad backs.
Natural Healing
Promoting natural and complementary therapies for today's lifestyle.
NHS Direct
NHS Direct is the 24 hour nurse led telephone advice and information service and is part of the National Health Service.
Net Doctor   Britain's independent medical website with thousands of pages of quality health information written and edited by some of the country's best doctors.
Patient UK
This is a UK site whose aim is to help non-medical people find information about health issues primarily from UK sources. Health professionals may also find the information useful.
Psych Crawler
Psych Crawler created to provide quick access to quality content in the field of psychology.
RealAge is a scientifically valid measure of how fast your body is aging. There are 44 factors that are shown to promote Age Reduction. That means there are 44 different things you can do to reduce your rate of aging.
Research an Illness
Research an Illness learn about illnesses, diseases, medications, treatments, support groups and more.
Rx List
The Internet Drug Index
Sleep Council
It all might seem obvious but the Sleep Council's main job is to promote the benefits to health and wellbeing of a good night's sleep - and the importance of a good bed, regularly replaced, to getting a good night's sleep.
Stoke association
The Stroke Association is a national charity which is solely concerned with stroke. Every year about 100,000 people in this country suffer first strokes - 10,000 are under retirement age. Stroke is the largest cause of severe disability with 350,000 people affected at any one time.
The Health Network
The Health Network is the one-stop television and Internet site where you'll find the information, support and motivation you need to make your own decisions about leading a healthy life.
UK Health Centre
The Health Centre is here to guide you through the huge amount of medical and health information from the UK that is available on the internet. Our links are mainly to UK sites, but where no UK alternative exists, some international sites are included.
UK Practice
A new UK medical site
Here you can begin your search for hard-to-get facts about medicine and drugs, an industry that prefers secrecy to publicity. Good hints on operations to avoid if you can and different medical myths.

Wellness web - the patients network.

Your Health Daily
New York Times Health Site. Lots and Lots of information. Medical as well as general information is available.


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