Fun links

  A selection of jokes for your amusement
  Fancy a play with words? 
  It may not be April, but why wait to play a prank?
  Play online against other people on the multiple games supported by FastNet's 'Battle Arena' service. 
  Puzzlemaker software with everything you need to make great educational, professional, and interactive crossword puzzles.
  As it says...
  The largest database of stupid criminal acts on the Internet. While we realize that criminals aren't usually the brightest people, some just stand out, err...sink below, the rest.
  A very, very large collection of knowledge that most people could care less about. But fortunately you do! So take a break from your busy schedule, and unwind with a couple stupid news items and strange grains of truth to brighten up your day.
  Alongside dumb criminal acts comes dumb laws. Keep in mind that this is an entertainment site, we wouldn't recommend using this as evidence in court!
  What was it like to be insulted in olden days? Well here is a selection to keep you amused. claims to have ideas for successful and stress-free parties throughout the year.
  The latest Web gimickry
  UK Competitions and Prizes, Fabulous Games and Free Postcards
  The latest happenings on the silver screen
  Trekkers of the world unite!
  A trip around George Lucas's creation
  An alternative look at the news


  Tower is a geekhaus and home to great volumes of diverse information.
  A great treat for the young at heart 
  Vault employee message boards are the online communities for employees and job seekers at 1,000s of companies - everything gets talked about here! Some serious stuff you have to laugh at on the employee notice boards! We didn't write it - we just told you about it!
  Toontown on the Web
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