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BeerFlaviour   A Web site targeted at the beer brewing and consuming community. The site aims to fill the gap in the understanding of beer flavor and help brewers improve the beer they brew and beer drinkers improve their understanding of what makes a "good pint." The site contains various areas, including the flavour forum, beer News, the latest beverage news updated daily, beer flavour standards and helpful free fact sheets to improve your understanding of specific flavour characteristics.
  Over 4000 recipes. To get started, select a category or letter of the alphabet from the menu.
  Over 2600 recipes as shared with newspapers, magazines or other media sources & homemade.
  The future for ordering a Pizza and everything you wanted to know about the company - or perhaps you didn't but it makes interesting reading and its a fun site.
  Over 10,000 recipes — and add hundreds every month.
  Are you part of the experiment? The nearest test site to Virginia Water is Bracknell. Is that too close for comfort! Read all about it on this site - you can also check out all the rest of the sites around the UK.
  If traveling to the US, to give you an idea of the cuisine you will enjoy when staying at a Bed and Breakfast.

The searchable Online archives of Recipes! Over 60,000 recipes indexed! That will keep you cooking to the next millennium! Join the recipes ring.


[The Webtender]


The Webtender is a very interesting site with in excess of 4300 drinks referred to. Click on the  Icon to go direct to the home page.

  Over 20,000 recipes, indexed and formatted for your perusal and pleasure

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