A US site all about fitness, lots of good tips.
Aerobics Dictionary attempts to define all the right moves
  Everything you need to knwo about sports, fitness and nutrition
Club Fitness fun on line collection of postings. Itís parent fitness Link is a well done site with lots of resource information.
Dancenet is a link for alternative and dance fitness enthusiasts a fun site thatís well done!
Doctorís Guide to the Internet has lots of interesting resource articles covering a wide variety of health and fitness concerns .
Fifty Plus is an international organization devoted to information about, motivation toward, and participation in exercise and fitness while aging.
Fit Facts from the American Council on Exercise, a library of articles on everything from "How To Purchase a Home Treadmill" to "Teens & Fitness"
  A leading UK fitness site with lots of goods information
Fitness Partner Connection Jumpsite is a "non-commercial labor of love... [designed to] provide quality fitness, health and nutrition related information and education across the globe." is produced by Fitness Management magazine and offers a "Fitness Enthusiast" section thatís loaded with content.
  A consumer resource, providing healthcare information by podiatrists for the general public - all about feet!
Internet Fitness Resource at called the "grandmother of all fitness links" by The Web Magazine. Probably the most useful collection of links. Exhaustive and sometime exhausting. Obvioulsly a daunting task to keep so many links current.
A long list of sites related to sports medicine
A useful list of sites relating to sports nutrition
  A long list of sites relating to wellness in sport and fitness
Your Health IS Your Business - health promotion and wellness resource of health topics and links

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