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  One of the UK's leading and longest-established providers of investment trusts, Fleming Investment Trust Management Limited offers a comprehensive range of trusts covering the world's major stock markets.
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This site has everything relating to finance. A series of useful online tools and calculators to help you calculate your homebuying, mortgage, tax, healthcare and insurance costs. Guides to key personal finance topics examined. A glossary of financial terms. Online stockmarket and banking, Market indicators etc. Provides a list of all banks currently providing online banking.

  Moneynet claimes to be the first UK website to publish a comprehensive and independent overview of the products available in the personal finance sector. They include details of mortgage and savings products from over 100 providers, plus details of many more credit cards and personal loans. Not only do they publish the interest rates, which they update daily, but they also provide details of the other terms that apply to each product.
  If you want to enjoy complete control of your finances, Microsoft® Money 99 will help. You can plan, and manage your money simply. Connect to the Internet to pay bills and to collect the latest financial information. Microsoft® Money 99 Financial Suite includes Money 99 Standard, and adds a host of extra features that give you the power you need to plan for the future. Microsoft Money 99 Financial Suite is the complete, connected, intelligent financial solution. If you use one of the major banks who provide online banking facilities then this is a must. Contact the webmaster for more details on using and ordering Money 99
Motley Fool
  Watching Out For Your Money. The Motley Fool online forum is designed to help readers obtain financial information and discuss ways to make investment and personal financial decisions. This information is sometimes provided by our staff and sometimes by other contributors, many of whom use anonymous screen names and are people we've never met. To register for UK access click here.
  Your Mortgage magazine is the biggest independent guide to mortgages in the UK.