Business week
  A useful magazine for business comment
Companies House
  Basic information available online on UK companies
CV writing   A very useful servic eaimed at helping you get the right CV.

Mindtools Time Management


Mind Tools Time Management Book Store These books and tapes give you even more good information on the use of time management techniques.

  Full Royal mail postcode lookup - useful for checking addresses
Surrey WEB
  The Surrey Web is an integrated public information access network within Surrey, based upon the World Wide Web. It provides a common "umbrella" for the presentation of information about Surrey and Surrey based organisations.
Technology Means Business
  A new accreditation and virtual support system for advisers helping small businesses on information and communication technologies (ICTs). Technology Means Business has been set up to provide a professional industry standard relating to integrated business and ICT advice offered to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) with less then 250 employees
Telephone Code Lookup
  The UK Telephone Code Locator takes telephone numbers, access/short codes, exchange names or the name of a location.
The Institute of Management
  A must for anyone in mangement or running a business.
  Vault employee message boards are the online communities for employees and job seekers at 1,000s of companies - everything gets talked about here! Your company might be on here! We didn't write it - we just told you about it!

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