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Anagram Genius
  A searchable directory of the very best anagrams ever.
Birds in a Garden   The personal web site of Phil Barnett, 1999 winner of the Yellow Pages UK Web awards. A very attractive site.
  Have a question about words, grammar or language? Ask Doctor Dictionary.
  A interesting range of topics - perhaps this is not as much fun as it could be but it makes interesting reading and some strong opinions!

Museums of the world


Welcome to the World Wide Web (WWW) Virtual Library museums pages (VLmp) A comprehensive directory of on-line museums and museum-related resources.

Nicklebys Art Auctions has been singled out as the best art auction site on the Internet and has won the prestigious Gold Star award from Yahoo! Internet Life magazine (November 1999). Nicklebys offers a 24-hour interactive Internet and live auction house, specialising in fine art, antiques, and collectors items. Customers can bid on high quality contemporary and antique artwork.
Picture library
  This new library is a window into one of the most exciting collections of pictures in the world. Science & Society represents three major British museums Science Museum (ScM) in London National Railway Museum (NRM) in York National Museum of Photography, Film & Television (NMPFT) in Bradford
Science museum
  The Science Museum home page
  Browse the thesaurus through the six broad categories into which Mr. Roget classified the entire vocabulary of the English language: -abstract relations -space -matter -intellect -volition -affection.
  A very useful translation tool for a number of main languages from Alti-Vista - French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese - both ways!
  Translation from RWS Group - Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish. UK Office specialises in Specializes in legal, patent and technical translations.
Visitor Attractions 
  Lists all UK visitor attractions and museums 


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