These pages are dedicated to saving time when searching for wider information on the net. We all suffer from the problem of 'surfing' the net - you go looking for one thing - you find interesting links. Two hours later you have forgotten what you started looking for! Or am I the only person this happens to(webmaster's comment)?

When a link is choosen, the page of link options will be replaced by the chosen option. To get back to the previous menus use the brower's BACK key or choose the top level Links option from the side menu to get the Links page back.

Please note that as the links depend on the stability of other sites we cannot guarantee that other web sites will always stay static. This means that occasionally some of the links may not work.

The communities favourite quick links list

Arts & Humanities

  Arts and humanities resources.
  Links to the home sites of the major banks and building societies
  Business related sites
Community Calendars   Local community calendars around the Great Park Portal area
  Everything you wanted to know about Charities
Children   Sites for children
  Links to all localish cimemas and lots of background information on the moves, current and historic
  Helpful sites relating to computers and the internet
  A range of sites relating to consumer issues
  Some society and cultural sites - starting with language translation
ecommerce   Useful ecommerce sites and ecommerce portals
  Useful email services that provide regular information
ecommerce   Useful collection of ecommerce links


  Links to sites providing of enterment events. Also see links under Calendar on home page.
  Sites that provide information about environmental issues, GM Foods, Factory watch
  Information and sites relating to family matters
  Electronic share information, online FT, MS Money details and more
  Links to many sites that contain a wealth of information on fitness, sports medicine, nutrition and wellness.
  The most interesting WEB Tender site with over 4300 drinks. more to come.
Free Graphics   Links ot free graphics sites
Free stuff   100s of free links
  Still paying for internet access?  Whilst we all agree there is no such thing as a free lunch, there is such a thing as free internet access! Check out some of these providers (list updated April 1999). Choose one whose name you fancy as part of your email address, eg
  The selection will get better
  Directory of all public, local, central and Government related websites on the Web
  Health related sites
Health Assessments   A range of online assessments relating to various aspects of health.
  Ideas for home and household
Hobbies   Hobby sites
  Sites offering jobs and jobs wanted
  Sites for smaller people!
Kids search   Search engines for and useful links for kids
  UK Police, Fraud, Internet Watch, Speed Trap, Policelaw, etc.
  A range of legal sites.
  A list of useful sites for visitors to London
  Links to printed media web sites
  Links to TV related web sites
  Sites targeted at men's health, etc
  Everyting you wanted to know about motoring
  Links to nearest Cinemas and extensive information on movies, actors, etc.
  A range of interesting music sites.
  In case you thought parenting was easy!



Ways of finding people in the UK and some in the rest of the world!

  Information about pets
  Useful property sites
  Encyopedia, reference sites
  At July 1999 there are over 1550 search engines on the Internet. These are few useful ones to help you find what you are looking for.  Or an alternative list
  These pages are dedicated to information and links that will be of use to Senior Citizen's, those worried about getting old and families with elder statepeople to look after!
  Skiing related sites, holiday bookings, family friendly links
  Information and links for small businesses.
  Links to sites containing information relating to social issues. e.g. drink driving
  Includes an interesting language translation tool
  Links to sites for downloading shareware and other useful software
  Useful Sports related sites - Sporting Life, Outdoor resources online, Sustrans, etc.
  Student sites
  A list of UK town/village/Community web sites as we find them
  Interesting travel sites including National Geographic
  A list of 'useful sites'. You decide
  Various sites to do with weather
  Watch events around the world
  Sites relating to wedding services
  Sites dedicated to supporting women
  Sites relating all aspects of the workplace. A lot relating to bullying in the workplace
  Sites relating to youth

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