The development of The Great Park Portal is in progress. Its content will be a series of local entry points into the Internet that start with a local flavour. They will present local businesses first, along the lines of the website, and then provide access to the bigger world wide web.

The purpose of the local web site entry point is to support local business, local professional services and to support the community that the website is in. Our purpose is to remove some of the complexity of using the web.

The initial towns and villages within the project are listed below and you may to link to any of the local websites names by clicking on the link. The majority are not active yet and may display a root directory or holding page unitl such time as we put in place the design for each community.
Some additional names that will provide county information at a later date
If you are a business or resident in the area you have the opportunity to influence the structure and content of this project. We want to hear from you. Please use the contact form on Team Discovery Ltd or call 07970-667534 to discuss any issue relating to this project.

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